Artificial Grass Essex


Would You Like A Lush, Beautiful Ever – Green Lawn

That Never Ever Needs Mowing?


Leaving You To Lie Back In Your Comfy Chair Sipping Your Favourite Drink

And Relax And Enjoy Your Garden

Because Your Grass Looks After Itself!


So how is this wonderful miracle achieved?With an artificial lawn! We prefer to call it the “Ultimate Alternative Grass”
Here’s why it’s so sensationally good.It’s a thousand times better than ordinary grass because it’s manufactured to such an astonishingly high quality. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference.It always looks fresh. Never loses its glorious colour. And it gently sways in the breeze. You’ll even think you can smell the aroma. It’s like having a prize -winning lawn all year round!

Why Artificial Grass?

  • No Maintanance
  • No Mud
  • No Mess
  • No Mowing
  • Pet Friendly
  • Child Friendly
  • Allergy Free
  • UV Stabilised
  • Prize- Winning Lawn 365 days Of The Year
  • It’s soft, springy and so comfortable a bit like walking on a cushion – but it’s also very hard wearing. It won’t get that awful “yellow” worn out look or have any “unfortunate” bald patches
  • And as for our British weather you’ll be delighted to hear our grass is water resistant and completely self-draining. It’ll never flood. Or freeze or suffer from frost – bite. And when the sun shines even if there’s a heat wave it won’t scorch or burn
  • No mud, sludge or mess – and best of all NO mowing. You’ll need a “Lawnmower For Sale “Ad! No more days, evenings or weekends praying the mower will start. Or traipsing up and down the lawn and then tipping out all the cuttings. Imagine the time you’ll save and the peace and quiet
  • It’s super safe for children with no bugs or nasty germs from the soil. And no toxic fertilisers or pesticides. They can play all year with no scratches or abrasions. And rain doesn’t stop the play
  • Yes it is dog friendly! Your faithful friend will love it just as much as you do. And they can’t dig it up or destroy it! They happily “use” it like before. Fluids drain through the surface and you easily scope the “rest” up with no mess or staining. Your lawn stays undamaged. And joy and bliss no muddy paws in the house or on your furniture
  • Fantastic for allergy sufferers – there’s no pollen – so at last you can use your garden in the summer without those itchy eyes and sneezes. How about a weekly BBQ even if the pollen count is off the charts?


You have to see it to believe just how remarkable it is. And how gorgeous it looks.

Let us bring you some free samples so you can see the different styles and feel and touch them.And we’ll have a look at your lawn. Tell us what parts you would like transformed. And we’ll give you a free no obligation quote. We promise there’s no pressure. We just want you to know what an incredible difference our “Ultimate Alternative Grass” will make to your garden. And how competitive the price is. It’s great value.

Let us tell you the secret in making it last for decades – It’s making sure it’s laid perfectly. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. We are true experts with 30 years experience.We always bring you friendly, understanding advice. And a top-notch outstanding customer service. We’ll look after your garden like a palace. And take our boots off in your house!


Here’s a selection of our Google verified testimonials from just some of our many happy customers throughout Essex:

Before & After Artificial Lawn Transformations in Essex


We supply and install many different types of artificial (synthetic) grasses with varying pile heights, colours and strengths and weaknesses.

To help give you an idea of how a low maintenance lawn can transform your garden we have included below before and after shots of just some of our previous installations.

If you would like to view samples feel free to call us on 01245 80 71 80 and we can arrange a free site site visit to discuss your requirements and provide you with samples.


Project 1

Project 2


Project 3


Project 4


Project 5


Project 6


Project 7


Project 8


Project 9


Project 10