10 Reasons to Install an Artificial Lawn in Essex

10 Reasons to Install an Artificial Lawn in Essex


The popularity of artificial grass has grown a phenomenal rate over the past few years.

We regularly install artificial grass across Essex for various applications such as front and back gardens, school playgrounds, putting greens and sports applications.

There are many benefits of artificial grass that has led to the huge increase in the number of homeowners deciding to have fake grass installed at their properties in Essex.

In todays article we are going to be looking at some of these benefits in greater detail.



1.No Mud or Mess


artificial grass - No mud or mess

This is particularly good benefit if you have children and/or pets.

For a large part of the year, many lawns throughout Essex are boggy and unusable.

This means that kids cannot play outside apart from during the summer months, even if the temperature is high enough to.

If you are a pet owner, you’ll know that dogs need to regularly go out into the garden to do their ‘business’ but this can be frustrating for many homeowners who have to clean the paws of their furry friends several times a day to avoid mud being trodden through the house.

With artificial grass, there is no mud or mess, enabling your whole family and your pets to enjoy your garden all year round.



2.It’s Low Maintenance


Anyone that tells you fake grass requires ‘zero maintenance’ isn’t being entirely honest with you.

Fortunately, however, the little maintenance that artificial grass does require, takes a fraction of the time it takes to maintain a real lawn.

This will save you many hours of garden chores that you might otherwise dread – giving you more opportunities to enjoy doing the things you really want to be doing with the precious little time that you have on your hands.

Artificial grass does require the occasional brushing with a stiff broom to reinvigorate the fibres and you may occasionally find a weed appearing at the edges of your lawn.

When artificial grass is installed, there should be a weed membrane placed underneath to prevent weed growth. However, this will only prevent weeds from growing through your artificial lawn but won’t remove the possibility of weeds growing up the edges of your fake grass, by working their way around the weed membrane.



3.No More Harmful Substances in Your Garden


fake grass - no toxic chemicals

Maintaining a healthy, real grass lawn can require the help of fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides.

However, these substances can be potentially harmful to both your family and your pets.

Another major advantage of artificial grass is that you can bin these harmful toxins, as you won’t need them anymore.

This creates a far safer environment for your family.



4.It’s Great for Entertaining & Garden Parties


artificial lawn - bbq

BBQ’s and garden parties are a very popular undertaking during the summer months up and down the UK.

However, the additional foot traffic can cause your real lawn problems, resulting in patchy, worn out turf.

Artificial grass is designed to withstand foot traffic and garden furniture, so you can have that party without worrying about the damage it could be causing to your lawn.



5.It’s Perfect for Children


Children absolutely love playing on artificial grass because they can run up and down on it all day long and it feels great underfoot.

Parents will love it too as they can relax safe in the knowledge that their artificial lawn will be able to withstand children playing various games and sports without any issues.

For the young footballers, its year-round, lush green nature will have your kids thinking they are playing on the hallowed turf at Wembley!

As we touched on earlier in this article, there’s no chance of them running through the house covered in mud either – a welcome relief for any parent!



6.It’s Allergen Free


artificial grass prevents hay fever

Many adults and children suffer from hay fever during spring and summer.

Streaming eyes, running noses and relentless sneezing are all side effects of hay fever, which can be caused by exposure to grass pollen.

Another advantage of having fake grass installed in your Essex garden is that it can help to reduce the symptoms of the sometimes-debilitating condition.

Swapping your real lawn for an artificial one will remove the grass from your garden, making it a little easier for hay fever sufferers to spend time outside in the garden during the spring and summer months.



7.It’s Provides a Safe Environment


During summer, real grass can bake in the sun, sometimes making the ground very hard.

However, artificial grass has a soft underfoot feel and can help to absorb the impact of falls and trips.

If you have a climbing frame or trampoline in your garden, you may also want to consider installing a foam underlay.

artificial grass foam underlay
Artificial Grass Foam Underlay

Foam shockpads usually come in either 10mm or 20mm thicknesses and comply with Head Impact Criteria, which is the industry standard recognised worldwide.

For a safe environment for the whole family, choose to have a fake lawn installed.



8.It’s Improves Drainage


Many gardens throughout Essex suffer from poor drainage.

This is often due to the heavy clay content found in Essex soil.

This may mean that for large parts of the year your lawn replicates a swamp rather than a perfectly manicured lawn.

However, we install our artificial grass on a permeable sub base that is a minimum of 75mm (3 inches) thick.

This sub base effectively acts as a soakaway, retaining water to allow it to gradually drain away to the earth below without any standing water on your artificial lawn.



9.Lush Green Appearance


Lush green grass will improve the look of any garden; large or small.

With todays advancing technology, its now difficult to tell the difference between real and fake grass.

Our artificial grass is supplied by NeoGrass and their innovative technologies has taken artificial grass to the next level.

Choosing to have artificial grass installed at your Essex home will ensure your lawn will look like a perfectly manicured, prize winning lawn all year round.



10.It Adds Value to Your Property


Having a low maintenance, attractive looking lawn is a huge selling point for many home buyers.

Lush green artificial grass can certainly give your garden the wow factor.

With todays busy lifestyles, many of us lack the time (and sometimes inclination) to maintain our gardens.

Of course, this is entirely understandable as a garden should be a place to relax and enjoy; not just another place of work.

And with the many advantages described in this article, its quite clear that artificial grass will certainly help sell any property.

The increase in your home’s value, makes having artificial grass installed an excellent financial investment.





Artificial grass in Wickford (after)

With a list of benefits this long, its easy to realise why artificial grass has become so popular amongst our customers throughout Essex.

If this has peaked your interest in the possibility of having artificial grass installed, then why not get in touch with us here or by calling our friendly team on 01245 697 688.

We are based in South Woodham Ferrers and cover the vast majority of Essex and our artificial grass installation service covers Chelmsford, Billericay, Brentwood, Wickford, Basildon, Romford, Witham and Colchester.

We can visit your property to show you samples, discuss your project and provide you with a free, no obligation written quotation.

If you have any questions regarding artificial grass, then please leave us a comment below.



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