6 Reasons to Install a Gravel Driveway in Essex

Gravel Driveways Essex

6 Reasons to Install a Gravel Driveway in Essex


gravel driveways essex

Gravel driveways are an extremely popular surfacing option for driveways all over Essex.

And rightly so.

Over the years, we have installed many gravel driveways both large and small and its ability to transform any property makes gravel a hugely popular driveway surfacing system.

There are many reasons why they are so popular amongst our clients and in this latest article we’re going to be look at some of the benefits in greater detail.



1. Perfect for Home Security


gravel driveway installation in leigh on sea, Essex

Our first benefit of gravel driveway is security.

Walking or driving on gravel makes a very distinctive crunch sound which is ideal for preventing potential thieves from entering your premises.

You may even hear the footsteps approaching your property in the night, alerting you to their presence.

Thieves are aware of this and by having a gravel driveway installed you may prevent thieves from targeting your property.



2. Cost Effective


large gravel driveway in boreham

When compared to other types of driveway system, for instance block paving or resin bound gravel, a loose gravel driveway provides a cost-effective alternative.

It’s generally cheaper than block paving as the labour cost is lower as gravel driveways involve less manpower.

Large areas can be covered in much quicker time frames making it the perfect solution for large driveway areas or private roads.

Resin bound gravel is more expensive as of course, there’s the additional cost of the resin and it also involves more labour to ensure that the resin is adequately mixed with the aggregate.



3.Quick Installation


As we touched upon in our last benefit, gravel driveways can be installed quickly thereby causing minimal inconvenience to the homeowner.

A typical driveway installation consists of excavating the existing driveway or front garden, installing a permeable sub base, followed by a layer of screeded sharp sand before installing an EcoGrid cellular grid system along with the chosen gravel.

ecogrid gravel driveway system

This is relatively quick process and a driveway measuring 60m2 can be completed within 3 days.

For a quick installation, gravel wins hands down every time.



4. Gives Any Property Serious Kerb Appeal


Gravel driveways have the ability to transform any property, old or new, traditional or modern.

gravel driveway installation in essex

There is a wide range of colours and styles of aggregate that can be used to surface your driveway each with a unique look that will perfectly complete the surroundings of your home.

Traditional gravel driveways will have either a brown/golden or grey gravel but there are countless other options for aggregate choice such as Granite, Cotswold, Limestone, Ice Blue or Marble chippings to name but a few.

gravel driveway surfacing essex

Your chosen form of gravel or aggregate can also be complemented with a wide range differing forms of paving to add borders and kerb details to add character to any driveway.



5. Adds Value to Your Home


gravel drive essex

In todays society, its very common for families to own multiple vehicles.

This means that having adequate off-road parking at your property is a huge selling point for any potential buyer.

Of course, putting cars on your driveway is much safer than leaving them parked out on the public roads.

Gravel driveways also significantly enhance the physical appearance of your property, when selling your home first impressions are everything and a beautiful driveway is sure to make a lasting impression on potential buyers.



6. No Need to Install Additional Drainage


So long as a gravel driveway is installed onto a permeable sub base, there is no need to install linear drains and/or soakaways that are typically needed for other types of surfacing such as block paving.

Gravel Driveway - Step 2 - Sub-base
Type 3 Sub Base


We recommend installing gravel driveways onto a 150mm sub base consisting of MOT Type 3, which is a permeable sub base system.

This means that rainfall will drain through your driveway and down to the sub grade/earth, naturally returning to the local water table.

Since 2008, regulations were introduced to prevent uncontrolled runoff of rainwater from front gardens onto roads, because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of water courses.

Soakaways and other methods of controlling surface water runoff can add significant cost to your driveway installation.

With a permeable gravel driveway there’ll be no need to install drainage, saving you additional costs whilst improving the drainage of your existing driveway or front garden.





shingle driveway in essex

As we have discussed, there are many benefits of having a gravel driveway installed.

Its ability to transform the appearance of any property at an affordable price means it is little wonder why its such a popular choice of driveway surfacing in Essex.

If you have been inspired to transform your own front garden into a beautiful gravel driveway, then why not give us a call on 01245 697 688 for your free consultation or send us a message here.

If you have a property located in Chelmsford, Brentwood, Wickford, Braintree, Shenfield, Billericay or Romford, then we can help.

We install gravel driveways across the Essex area and our experienced team can transform any driveway large or small.

Why not find out more information about our gravel driveway installation service in Essex.

If you have any questions regarding gravel driveway installations or anything landscaping-related then leave us a comment below.



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