8 Reasons to Install a Block Paved Driveway in Essex

Driveway block paving Essex

8 Reasons to Install a Block Paved Driveway in Essex


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The popularity of block paving is well documented.

Many properties up and down the UK have had block paved driveways installed in recent years and with such a long list of benefits, there is little wonder why.

Block paving can transform your home and the wide range of block paving styles and designs have the capability of adding kerb appeal to any style of property.

In this latest blog post we are going to be taking a closer look at some of the benefits of installing a block paved driveway in Essex.



1.Gives your property kerb appeal


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There’s no doubt about it, installing a block paved driveway will give your home some serious kerb appeal.

Block paving can transform even the most tired, run down driveways and front gardens, into beautiful driveway areas that enhance the look of your property.

Let’s face it, first impressions are everything, and the first thing visitors (or potential buyers) see when they arrive at your home is your front driveway.

A run down front garden and driveway area can make a bad first impression and affect the entire property.

A professionally designed and installed block paved driveway can give your Essex property the wow factor.



2.Adds Value to Your Property


Drivesett Savanna

The increased kerb appeal that a block paved driveway can bring to your home will add value to your property.

In todays world, having easy to access parking areas is real selling point for many home buyers.

And that’s what makes block paving such a fantastic investment and often the initial expenditure of having your block paved driveway installed is recouped in additional value added to your property.

One study conducted by Money Magazine, concluded that a professionally landscaped garden can add as much as 15% to a property’s value.

Having a block paved driveway installed in Essex makes for a sound financial investment.



3.Creates Additional Off-Road Parking


Driveway Paving In Essex

In todays society, many families have at least 2 vehicles at their property.

According to the BBC, south-east England has 561 cars for every 1,000 people.

That means that a family of 4 will own 2 vehicles between them.

In today’s increasingly populated world, having the space to park these vehicles safely off the road is extremely important to many families.

Original driveways were only installed to cope with just a single vehicle, but by installing a new block paved driveway you can create additional off-road parking areas that will not only add value to your property but will make your life easier and keep your vehicles safe from harm.



4.Wide Range of Block Paving Styles to Choose From


Today, the choices of block paving that you can choose to transform your property are endless.

Gone are the days, when your only choice was a standard 200mm x 100mm block laid in a herringbone pattern.

With the wide variety of block paving styles and colours available today, you’ll be sure to find something that will suit any property style from contemporary to traditional.





5.Endless Design Possibilities


Along with the wide choice of block paving styles, there are also endless design possibilities when it comes to installing block paving.

Asides from the traditional herringbone patterns, there is a whole range of block paving patterns that can be achieved with todays block paving. For example, the Marshalls Tegula block can be laid in 14 different laying patterns.

Curves, straight lines and circle packs will also give life to any driveway and blend seamlessly in to your property s surroundings.

With the endless design possibilities, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to achieve a unique look for your driveway and really it give it the wow factor.




6.Its Durable & Hard Wearing


A correctly installed and maintained block paved driveway will last 20 years at the very least.

The hard-wearing nature of block paving makes it an excellent choice for your driveway as it will handle regular vehicular and pedestrian traffic with ease.

Of course, the key to long lasting block paving is in the groundworks and if you follow the correct installation methods when installing your block paved driveway, you can rest assured that it will stand up to the job.



7.Cheaper Than Other Forms of Paving


Marshalls Drivesys Split Stone (Grey Green)

Creating a block paved driveway can be cheaper than using other forms of paving.

The advent of imitation cobbles and natural stone paving, such as the Marshalls Drivesys range has made it possible to achieve unique looks at a more affordable price. Traditional cobbles are hand laid on a bed of concrete, resulting in a high installation cost per square metre.

However, the Marshalls Drivesys range of block paving is laid in the same way as other types of block paving, i.e. on a bed of compacted sharp sand, thereby dramatically decreasing material and labour cost.

Choosing to pave your driveway with block paving can give your driveway a unique, luxurious look at an affordable price.



8.Manages Surface Water Runoff & Improves Drainage


Linear Drainage System

A correctly installed and designed block paved driveway by law, must have a provision for the surface water runoff.

In other words, you’ll need to install adequate drainage.

This is usually done through either the installation of an Aquacell soakaway system, linear drains or by channelling the water to a flower bed or lawn.

When installed correctly a block paved driveway will effectively manage the surface water runoff and improve the drainage of your front garden.

Many gardens, particularly in the Essex area contain heavy clay soils which provide very poor drainage, leading to many front gardens becoming a boggy mess.

However, by installing a new driveway you can transform water logged areas in beautiful parking spaces that transform your homes aesthetic appeal.





When it comes to block paving, the numerous benefits make it a wise investment for any homeowner.

If you would like a free no obligation quotation for a new block paved driveway in Essex call us today on 01245 697 688 or fill out the contact form here.

We’ll be more than happy to visit your property to discuss your requirements and help you design and install the block paved driveway of your dreams.

Our experienced team of craftsman can transform any driveway large or small.

If you have any questions regarding installing a block paved driveway in Essex, please leave them below.






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