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A Beginners Guide to Garden Design

Garden Design


One looking to plan the picture-perfect garden is going to want to take a look at a number of different key “phases” in the design and development process to ensure certain aspects and features don’t get left out of the finished design.

A common mistake budding gardeners make is to dive head first into the design phase without any proper planning – and although they are able to get some results out of their garden, the results are nothing like they could have been if they had taken even just a few days (or a few weeks, if they have the time) to create a real action plan to work off of.

Luckily, you’re never going to have to worry about that. Following along with the “inside information” provided below, you’ll be able to design the very best garden you could have ever imagined – and possibly even one you couldn’t have!

Let’s dive right in!


It all starts with your dream end result

I know it sounds at least a little bit crazy for you to begin with the ending in mind, but that’s the only way that you’re going to be able to establish the kind of garden design plan that will suit your needs right down to the ground.

When you envision exactly how you want your garden to end up (right down to the smallest detail), you’re able to work backwards to make sure that your end garden design has all of the key elements that you were hoping for.

So make sure that you outline exactly what elements you must have in your garden, exactly which elements are your “dream” elements, and then begin the visualisation process of mentally laying them all out in the space you have available to you.


Consider professional assistance

Even though it might not be the best idea for those that want to remain as self-sufficient as possible (or those who want to retain complete and total control over their garden design), bringing in professionals for a consultation might help you spot trouble areas or issues that you wouldn’t have been able to spot otherwise.

I’m not recommending that you bring in a team of garden design experts to create at their ideal garden while leaving your ideas over by the compost pile, but it’s not a bad idea to have these experts come in to assist in helping you realise your dream garden.

Most of these professionals can be hired on a consulting basis, and they’ll be able to provide you with their decades and decades of skills, experience, and expertise to help you better understand the lay of the land you have in front of you – maximizing your space to create the best garden you can, the garden of your dreams.


Look for inspiration absolutely everywhere

This is another thing that you’re really going to want to focus on in the early stages of your planning, and is something that seems rather obvious on the surface but isn’t used as often as it could be.

Obviously, you want to look at all of the different garden design magazines, books, and other resources that you can find – but don’t be afraid of peeking over your neighbour’s fence (provided that it doesn’t go right into someone’s bedroom window) and seeing what they’ve done with theirs. The chances are they have a similar sized garden with the same problems and/or aspects of the landscape that can be utilised to enhance certain features of your garden.

Taking full advantage of all the resources at your disposal is going to make or break your design, and you may just stumble upon something that you wouldn’t have included otherwise in your search.


Remember that your garden is a theatre


Last but not least, you need to make sure that you are incorporating entertainment elements, exciting elements, and visual focus pieces into your garden. Though most people believe that the garden is a rather functional plot of land, the truth the matter is you can transform it into something else entirely – a living entertainment space that immediately increases the design aesthetic of your home – with just a few choice elements.

This is a little bit easier said than done, for sure, but with just a bit of effort you should be able to create the kind of garden you’ve always dreamt of. Take full advantage of the information provided above, leverage any and all resources you can, and don’t be surprised when you have the garden that is the envy of your neighbours.



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