Turf Chelmsford


Below is a list of seasonal maintenance tasks that will ensure your lawn stays looking in tip-top condition all year round.




• Rake to remove thatch and moss. Do not rake too vigorously as it may damage the grass
• Sow seed
• Lay turf
• Feed with extract of seaweed
• Start mowing – mow high at first, lowering blades as the season devlopes
• Repair broken edges




• Mow frequently – do not scalp
• Arrange for a neighbour to cut the lawn if you are away on holiday. If this isn’t possible, do not scalp the lawn. On your return, mow high, then gradually lower the blades over a fortnight of cutting
• Leave grass longer if conditions are dry. Long grass copes with drought better than shorter grass
• If the weather is too wet for mowing, trim edges with long-handled eding shears
• Dig out weeds, refilling holes with peat-free compost to which grass seed has been added
• Feed with extract of seaweed




• Sow seed
• Lay turf
• Collect fallen leaves to make leafmould
• Scarify (vigorous raking) to remove thatch
• Aerate compacted areas with a hollow-tine aerator
• Top-dress to improve soil structure




• Collect late-fallen leaves
• Keep off grass in heavy frosts
• Clean and service mowers
• In mild winters mow the grass if it is growing



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