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Driveline 50

Make a statement with this superior product, Britain’s most popular block paving

Driveline 50 – Brindle/Charcoal

Driveline 50 has become Britain’s most popular style of block paving over the years and now after extensive research and development Marshalls have improved the performance of this block even further. Driveline 50 now incorporates significant colour enhancements and textural improvements, including wear and fade resistance and a deep, rich colour throughout the block. Meaning this quality product will keep its great looks for many years to come.

The carbon footprint of this product has been reduced by 39% during the manufacturing process; reducing the impact on the environmentDriveline 50 is perfect for those on a budget and is suitable for driveways and patios and mixes perfectly with many other types of paving.

Available in a range of seven popular colours to complement every environment, including Brindle, Red, Charcoal, Buff, Burnt Ochre, Bracken and Pewter Multi

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Burnt Ochre


Pewter Multi

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