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Guide to Garden Water Features: 10 Top Benefits

June 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered what design decisions might take your garden to the next level? Whether you’re into gardening and enjoy pottering around pruning bushes and planting flowers, or prefer a low-maintenance space just to kick back and relax, a garden water feature may be just what your garden needs. If you’ve been considering adding a water feature, but aren’t sure what type to choose, whether it’s worth it, and what installation entails, keep reading to learn why people are raving Read More..

23 Ways to Incorporate Lighting into Garden Design

April 13, 2022

We typically think about being out in the garden when the sun is out, but if you don’t have any lighting in your garden you’re missing out. Garden lighting is practical, allows you to use your garden for longer, and helps you create a better sense of space when you’re inside looking out at night. Whether you have acres outside your backdoor or you’re trying to make the most of your courtyard space, we’ve got plenty of lighting ideas you can incorporate into your Read More..

14 Garden Design Ideas for Small Gardens

March 22, 2022

While not everyone has the luxury of having a sprawling garden to design, small gardens come with the bonus of requiring less maintenance. Small gardens can feel a little uninspiring, so today we’re going to share 14 small garden design ideas you can use in your own garden, or at the very least, spark your imagination for what you can do in your own small space.  

14 Design Ideas for Small Gardens

Even the smallest of gardens can be arranged in a more functiRead More..

19 Low Maintenance Plants & Shrubs That Will Give Your Garden the WOW Factor

March 3, 2022

For many, a garden is a great source of joy. It reflects a sense of pride in our home that goes beyond what’s indoors. Gardening can be a relaxing and satisfying practice, but not everyone has the time or means to take care of a large number of outdoor plants. The act of successful gardening requires quite a lot of trial and error unless you’re with an experienced gardener who can advise you what’s best. It also requires patience and willingness to accept that not all plants, shrubs, anRead More..

How to Incorporate a Pergola into Your Garden Design

February 9, 2022

Pergolas never go out of style - they have centuries of history behind them, found as early as medieval times, they have long captured the elegance of warmer climates where alfresco dining is a near-daily occurrence and you need a little shade to keep you comfortable until the sunsets. Whether you’re thinking of installing a large pergola over your patio or a simple arch over a garden path, this article will gRead More..

11 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Garden

January 28, 2022

In countries outside of the UK (think Mediterranean places like Greece, Italy, South France, and Spain) it’s common for families to cook, eat, and drink outside. Since they have the weather for it, it makes sense that these people would dine al fresco almost every night during the summer months. Here in the UK, we’re not as lucky when it comes to sunny weather, but that just makes a summer evening even more special. If you, like many others, want to take advantage of those warm afternoonsRead More..

13 Reasons to Use a Professional Garden Designer

January 13, 2022

Wondering if you should use a professional garden designer to design your garden renovation? If so, you’re on the right track! Using a professional garden designer can be one of the smartest decisions you can make when it comes to adding value to your life and your property, but you likely still have that lingering question, “should I just do it myself?” We work on garden transformations all day every day, so we’ve seen the real difference our Read More..

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Traditional Garden Design

December 15, 2021

While we’re known for having a lot of rain in the UK, we’re also known for our sweet, traditional English gardens, manor houses, and chocolate-box cottages. From the winding, narrow paths and the luscious flower beds to the perfectly trimmed hedges and the fine use of colour, traditional English gardens truly are a wonder to behold. But they’re no longer reserved for National Trust houses and the homes of thoseRead More..

13 Garden Trends for 2022 You Need to Know

December 11, 2021

The way we use our gardens is changing – we no longer simply want a space to let the dog stretch their legs, barbeque a few days a year, or grow a handful of vegetables. If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s how valuable our space is! In 2021 we started to see people embracing the trend of creating outdoor living spaces in their gardens, but 2022 is set to be the year where these garden trends explode. If you’re planning a garden makeover in 2022, read on to learn the top trendRead More..

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Contemporary Garden Design

December 10, 2021

Your garden should be an extension of your home, but all too often, it’s a sad, drab jungle that causes you to sigh whenever you look out the window. We all love taking a walk around the incredible historic gardens we’re so lucky to have here in the UK, but they’re simply not something we want to maintain at home - even if they’re a tenth of the size! If you’re ready to transform your garden into soRead More..

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