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How to Control Weeds in the Garden

January 24, 2013

Garden Weed

  Whilst some people may consider weeds as plants that are merely growing in the wrong place, the majority of us find ourselves locked in a constant battle with these unwelcome visitors who seem hell bent on ruining our gardens. But there’s nRead More..

How to Maintain a Garden Pond

January 23, 2013

Garden Maintenance Chelmsford

  Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy garden pond:   • Use a fountain, waterfall or biological filter to help keep the water clean and oxygenated if you have fish. • Read More..

Garden Maintenance: Do’s & Don’ts of Lawn Care

January 23, 2013

Garden Maintenance Chelmsford



  …use stepping stones or build a path in places where you will need to walk regularly, this avoids wearing out the lawn. …mow your lawn on a regular basis – grass keeps growing slowly evRead More..

How to Clean Block Paving

January 23, 2013

How to clean block paving

  Unfortunately there is no such thing as ‘maintenance free’ block paving or any kind of paving for that matter.  Choosing to neglect your driveway or paRead More..

How to Choose a Driveway Block Paving Contractor

January 23, 2013

Block Paving Chelmsford

  There are many benefits of using a professional contractor over attempting a DIY job but it can be difficult to find a competentRead More..

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