Garden Clearance Tips

Garden Clearance Tips

Before looking to add new plants to your garden it is recommended to clear the ground properly to prevent existing weeds from dominating the new plantation. Here are few tips to ensure a thorough job is carried out


• Weedkiller is best used during late spring and early summer as this is when weed growth begins and is most vulnerable to chemical weedkiller. The long weeds are left, the harder they are to kill
• Hardy weeds such as ground elder or horsetail are sometimes more difficult to kill using weedkiller so it is advised to damage the weeds with a stick as the weedkiller is better absorbed by the weed, instead of running off.
• If there are any unwanted tress it’s advised to hire a tree surgeon to remove the tree and roots. The hole should then be filled with topsoil and it will be ready for planting immediately after removal.
• If tough weeds cannot be removed by hand then it’s recommended to hire a rotary scythe. Once the new growth appears it should be treated using a weedkiller that contains glyphosate.
• Large brambles will need to be cut down close to the ground and once the new shoots appear they should be attacked with brushwood killer.




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