Garden Design: Common Garden Styles


There are many different garden styles to choose from and some will suit the size and shape of your garden better than others.  Here are some of most common styles of garden that we design and build for our clients, along with their main characteristics.





Formal Garden Design Ideas


A symmetrical in design that features angular shapes and formal structures, such as pergolas. Straight paths are often framed in arches which lead to a distant focal point such as a sundial. This particular type of garden often requires a reasonable level of maintenance as lawns and hedges need to remain trim to conform with the formal look.





Cottage Garden Design Ideas


Cottage gardens tend to be more informal and are packed with traditional native flowers reached from almost invisible winding paths.  With a heavy emphasise on flowers rather than lawns and paving, some of the more common cottage garden plants include primroses, violets, calendula and various herbs.  Walls and fences are typically concealed with roses or clematis.





Contemporary Garden Design Ideas


Contemporary gardens have grown massively in popularity over the past 10 years or so.  This is because of modern homes typically having small gardens and due to changes in taste towards more modern designs.  The use of hard landscaping materials play a key role in contemporary design with lighting affects used to create another dimension to the garden at night time.  Planting is minimalistic, typically with just a couple of types of plant used and more often than not, require little maintenance.





Japanese Garden Design Ideas


Features typical of a Japanese garden typically include rock gardens, raked gravel, boulders, ponds with a bridge, Japanese stoneware, shrubs and bonsai.  The design is based upon small-scale idealised landscapes which are stylised and abstract in appearance.





Courtyard Garden Design Ideas


A Mediterranean garden is a mix of hard surfaces that complement a range of Mediterranean plantation that flowers at different stages throughout the year.  Herbs are a typical feature of this particular type of garden as scent is an important aspect to consider when choosing types of plant.  Classical pots and urns are used to contain plants against walls and on patios.




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