Garden Design Ideas for Low Maintenance Gardens

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas


Low maintenance gardens are great for busy people who want a stunning garden but don’t have the time for the necessary maintenance tasks. This style of garden also appeals to those with disabilities or those who are at an age where they can no longer carry out the sometimes backbreaking work that gardening can bring.

Choosing a low maintenance garden will also mean that you can go on holiday for a week or two and not have to worry about the garden as it can fend for itself for long periods of time. These particular gardens are where the majority of your time is spent relaxing instead of working.

Here are a few useful tips that we implement when creating low maintenance garden for our clients:

• Use blocks or brickwork to edge your lawn to save you from having to do any edging work.
• In a small or front garden, get rid of grass and have a gravel garden instead
• If you don’t want to have to mow your lawn but still like the look of grass, a great alternative is to use artificial turf. The artificial grass available on the market these days can look very realistic and last for many years. It is more expensive then standard turf but requires no maintenance at all.
• For almost zero maintenance, pave the garden and plant dwarf conifers, heathers, no-prune shrubs and bulbs.
• Cut down time spent weeding by planting plenty of smothering ground-cover plants.


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