Garden Maintenance: Do’s & Don’ts of Lawn Care

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…use stepping stones or build a path in places where you will need to walk regularly, this avoids wearing out the lawn.

…mow your lawn on a regular basis – grass keeps growing slowly even in winter if the weather is mild.

…lay a patio in a sunny spot where you want to use garden furniture or a barbecue, as extensive use in one area of your lawn will cause significant damage.

…use lawn feeds in showery weather, as they need watering in. In dry conditions lawn feeds can actually burn the grass, so avoid using them when the soil is dry.

…choose your time very carefully to use combined feed and weed products to get the best of both worlds. Always read the instructions first. For best results, apply when it is not likely to rain for at least 12 hours, and water them in if it does not rain after 24 hours.

…wait for liquid lawn products to dry or until granular ones are watered in before allowing pets or children to play on a treated lawn.




…let autumn leaves pile up over the lawn; rake them up, otherwise the grass turns yellow underneath and fungal diseases can set in.

…walk or push barrows over the lawn when it is muddy as this creates ruts that set solid later, making mowing very difficult.

…walk on grass in frosty weather.

…use mosskillers or weedkillers in rainy weather as they need to remain on the moss or weeds for at least 12 hours to be effective; they are taken in through the leaves, not the roots.

…put grass clippings on the compost heap for the first 4 or 5 cuts after using lawn weedkiller. Compost them separately, then use under a hedge or around shrubs, not where you grow flowers or vegetables, which are more sensitive to weedkillers.



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