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Even in small gardens, ponds are beautiful and ever-changing features that provide an ideal environment for moisture-loving plants and a habitat for wildlife. Most gardens only have space for a small pond but there are many different possibilities and variations that can be used when it comes to creating a pond for your own garden.


It doesn’t need to be a difficult task to build a pond but it is important to do the job properly and use quality materials. Here is a short guide to help you build a pond using flexible liner.


1. Firstly, decide upon the size and shape of the pond and mark it out using a hosepipe. To work out how much liner you will need, measure the maximum depth of the pond. Then multiply the depth by 2 and add this number to the length and the width allowing a little extra for the liner to sink. When buying liner, make sure you choose a good quality material such as butyl.
2. Dig out the shape, leaving a planting shelf of approximately 30cm deep around the edges to allow for the planting of marginals. Or, if you are looking to create a wildlife pond, give the sides a gentle slope.
3. Next, spread a layer of soft sand around the hole to prevent stones piercing the liner.
4. Spread the liner out to cover the hole and begin to fill with water. As the water level rises the liner will begin to sink under the weight so you will need to adjust the excess material to suit.
5. Hide the edges of the liner either by burying it into the ground and covering with pondside plants or alternatively you can lay paving to cover the join.



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