How to Care for a Newly Planted Tree

How to Care for a Newly Planted Tree



Once a tree has been planted it should not just be forgotten about as it will still need care and attention in the early stages of growth. Trees will easily out live a human given the right assistance. This article will provide you with some useful information to ensure your trees last long into the future.

The ideal time to plant a tree is during autumn as the soil is still warm and there will be plenty of rainfall to help the tree establish in time for next summer. If for any reason your tree was planted during the summer, it will need watering during dry spells to keep the roots moist. We recommend that each spring you apply mulch around the tree, at least 2.5cm in thickness, using well-rotted organic matter such as compost. After mulching, the tree should be fed using a general fertilizer such as blood, fish and bone in a circle around the base of the tree. This should be applied at about the same distance from the trunk as the longest branches reach out to, because this is where the feeding roots are found.

When staking trees, be sure to use proper tree ties where the buffer is placed between the trunk and the stake – this will stop the bark being rubbed off in windy weather. As your tree grows, regularly check the tree tie and loosen them as the trunk grows to avoid cutting through the tree. Tree trunks can be protected with tree guards or wire netting if rabbits are nibbling away at the bark which can weaken or even kill the tree.

If the tree is planted in grass, it’s advised to leave a bare circle of soil around the base of the tree to prevent the grass from competing for water and nutrients. Care should be taken when using a lawn mower or rotary trimmer around newly planted trees because bark can easily be damaged.


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