How to Conserve Water in the Garden

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As well as providing your plants with additional supplies of water, it pays to conserve water already present in the soil. Below is a list of various ways in which this can be achieved:


• Mulch moist ground with an 8cm layer of organic matter such as compost to seal in the moisture during spring time. This will also help keep weeds at bay.
• Compost, manure and other types of organic matter can also be used at planting time so that when it comes to watering in the future, the soil is much better prepared to hold onto the available moisture.
• Use a gravel or pebble mulch around plants. Apart from being decorative, it is also moisture-retaining.
• Use proprietary water-retaining granules in pots and hanging baskets at potting time to prevent the compost from drying out as quickly.


Apart from conserving water already present in the soil, the best way to save money on your water bill is by using a water butt to collect rainwater. Water butts should be positioned at the foot of downpipes on your house to collect rainfall. The majority of plants prefer rainwater and it will also save you money as well as coming in handy during hosepipe bans.



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