How to Control Weeds in the Garden

Garden Weed


Whilst some people may consider weeds as plants that are merely growing in the wrong place, the majority of us find ourselves locked in a constant battle with these unwelcome visitors who seem hell bent on ruining our gardens. But there’s no need to worry as this is a battle that can be won if you follow some of our simple tips listed below:

• Attack weeds as soon as they appear. The older they get the harder they are to remove.
• Avoid clearing weeds in a rockery by hand. Its best to use weedkiller and if the area is particularly bad, it may be worth removing the plants you want to keep and then spraying the whole area and then starting again
• Break off the flowering heads if you don’t have time to weed properly. This will stop them from seeding
• Don’t put weeds on a compost heap as this can cause them to spread when you get round to using the compost
• Learn to recognise the seedlings of most common weeds so you can leave self-sown seedlings of plants you may want to keep.
• There’s little point in trying to dig out weeds such as horsetail, bindweeds or couch grass because any scrap of root that is left will re-grow into a new plant, so weedkiller is the way to go in this situation



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