How to Create a Prize Winning Lawn

How to create a prize winning lawn


To create a prize winning lawn you have to go above and beyond the basic maintenance tasks.


The first job is to slash the lawn to aerate it and loosen up the soil that has been squashed down hard after years of use. Lawn aerators have blades that knife down into the ground, letting in air and helping rainwater to drain away. Aerating is very similar to the treatment used on football pitches after matches as sports turf obviously receives harder wear than your standard domestic garden. Hand aerators are available, but powered ones are much less effort – some mowers can be fitted with special attachments so the grass is aerated at the same time as you mow.


Once aeration is complete, the lawn will require a top dressing. Bags of ready-made lawn top dressing are best for this or alternatively bags of seed compost can be used. Top dressing should be scatterd about 0.5cm thick all over the lawn and spread with a rake. A besom broom is then used to work the dressing into the surface and it should disappear between the blades of grass and not bury them.


Lawn maintenance can be exhausting, but you will definitely notice a big difference in the coming weeks if done properly.



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