How to Grass a Lawn from Seed

A lawn is the garden background to everything from starter homes to huge country estates. The quality of your lawn can make or break your garden and if you are considering a new lawn you have 2 options available. You can either lay turf or you can grow the grass from seed.

If you are planning on growing your lawn from seed, as opposed to buying in pre-grown turf, then here is a step by step guide on how to seed a lawn.


Step 1


Fork the ground over and use your feet to trample it down and level the earth using a rake. If you want a fine lawn, choose a seed mixture without ryegrass or if your lawn with receive heavier use, use a hard-wearing seed that has dwarf ryegrass.


Step 2


Sprinkle the seed at a rate of 50g per square meter. Use canes to create a square meter template that you can lay on the ground to help you spread the seed at the correct rate. A good idea is to measure out the desired amount in a plastic cup and put a mark on the cup so you can get the right amount of seed each time you fill it up.


Step 3


Rake in the seed. Lay twiggy pea sticks or plastic netting over the soil to prevent cats and birds from eating the freshly laid seed. Water the soil in dry weather. Cut the grass in 2-3 weeks when it has grown to approximately 2.5cm in height.



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