How to Maintain a Garden Pond

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Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy garden pond:


• Use a fountain, waterfall or biological filter to help keep the water clean and oxygenated if you have fish.
• Use pond netting during autumn and winter to prevent dead leaves from rotting and fouling the water.
• Using Ramshorn snails will help keep the water clean by feeding on plant material and fish waste.
• If you have Canadian pondweed you will need to thin it out every few weeks or so during the summer to prevent it from choking the water.
• Remove spotty or decaying leaves of waterlillies and marginal plants otherwise they will foul the water.
• Deadhead flowering plants during summer to encourage more flowers. Leave flower heads intact if you want to attract birds into the area.
• Keep an eye out for algae and treat accordingly.
• Remove all marginal plant foliage as it fades to prevent decomposition in the water.
• Leave waterlily foliage to rot away naturally. The oily scum that appears on the water will disappear naturally.
• Just before winter sets in, remove the plants growing in containers and put them in a frost free place such as a shed or green house.


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