How To Make A Compost Heap

Compost heap

Compost Bins Are Easy To Make

A compost heap is a great way to recycle waste products. The compost that is created as these materials decompose can be used to drastically improve soil; making for ideal growing conditions. Making your own compost is easy and there are a wide range of compost bins to choose from at very affordable prices. Although it can be just as easy to make your own bin using the steps outlined below

• Make a bin at least 1.25m (4ft) square out of stout posts and wire netting in shady, sheltered corner of the garden. You can also use timber or corrugated steel, although you will need to ensure there are adequate air holes to allow the heap to ‘breath’.

• Mix up the waste products as you put them in and keep the heap firm by trampling on it.

• Throw a piece of sacking or old carpet on the top to prevent the heap from drying out (in dry weather you may need to water the heap to keep it moist). You may also want to add powdered compost accelerators, although these are not compulsory.

• Within 3-6 months the compost will be brown and crumbly, depending on the time of the year. Once it reaches this state the compost is ready to be used. Well-rotted compost does not have to reach a state where it is indistinguishable from soil; it is fine for it to contain a few coarser components.

It’s a good idea to have 2 or 3 heaps so that after 3 months you should achieve a proper rotation which will keep you provided with compost continuously throughout the year.

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