How to Plant a Tree

The ideal time to plant a tree is during the autumn. This is because the soil will still contain some warmth, the new tree’s foliage will have dropped and its wood ripened. This means that it will be better able to heal the wounds created by root pruning and take root in its new place before winter sets in. The shorter the time between lifting it from its old place and replanting it, the better. Spring planting is more usual in heavy soils and cold situations.


A properly planted and cared for tree will easily out live a human. The process involved in planting a tree is described below:


1. Dig a hole which is wide enough to accommodate the roots of the tree and approximately 50cm deep. Fork well-rotted garden compost or manure into the bottom of the hole and then knock in a short, stout stake.
2. Next, you will need to prune the roots. When pruning, trim towards the ends with a sharp knife, making a slightly sloping backwards cut. Broken or bent rents will also be to be removed. If your tree has been out of the ground for some time its advised to soak the roots in water overnight to make pruning easier.
3. Once the roots are ready, the tree can be positioned in the hole. Put the soil back in the ground and tread down using your foot.
4. Fasten the tree to the stake with a tree tie. Water the tree in if the soil is dry and then lay a 8cm thick mulch of organic matter on the surface of the soil.



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