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A lawn can be a major element of a gardens design and acts as the perfect foil to show off flower beds. The key to creating a quality lawn is by properly preparing the ground beforehand; this requires time and effort to get right first time around as it will be much harder to iron out any problems when there is grass covering the ground. Turf can take quite a long time to lay, but once complete, a properly laid lawn will last a lifetime.

If you decide to buy in turf instead of growing your lawn using seed, a good recommendation would be to buy cultivated turf as its ideal for creating a quality lawn. Meadow turf is cheaper but is often full of weeds and a job lot may contain a few turves that cannot be used because they have bare patches or are of uneven thickness.

Whatever type of turf you decide on, here is a quick how-to guide to assist you with laying a new lawn using turf.


Step 1

Prepare the ground by forking it over and removing weed growth. Rake the area level and then trample it down with your feet before raking it level again. Ensure that the ground is firm and even before you begin laying turf.


Step 2

Buy quality turf and lay it as soon after it’s delivered as possible. Firm it into place by patting it down with your hands. Always work forwards and place a plank of wood over the turf you have just laid to support your weight.


Step 3

Stagger the joints like you would when laying bricks and make sure that the turves are tightly butted together. There should not be any cracks visible on your lawn. If dry weather follows, water frequently to encourage the grass to establish.



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