How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation in Essex Cost?

How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation in Essex Cost?



We’ve been installing artificial grass in Essex for many years now.

As the quality of fake grass has increased to point now where its very difficult to tell the difference between real and fake, its popularity has gone through the roof.

Although it’s not for everyone, there are a wide range of applications and situations were the numerous benefits of artificial grass, makes having it installed a complete no-brainer.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of the most commonly asked questions we get here at SE Landscapes, is how much does it cost to have an artificial lawn installed?

Unfortunately, though, answering this question is almost like trying to answer how long is a piece of string?

The simple answer is: it depends!

But of course, we understand that if you or none of your friends or family have ever had artificial grass installed before then how are you to know how much it is likely to cost?

Unfortunately, the only way we can give you an accurate quote is for us to conduct a free site survey.

However, you might not quite be at that stage of the process just yet which is completely fine.

So, we have written this article to help you get an idea of the costs involved.

As each installation is unique, we face different challenges on each job, therefore meaning that we cannot charge a fixed price per square metre.

But what exactly are these variables and how do they affect cost? Well, let’s find out…



What Type of Artificial Grass Are We Installing?


One of the biggest costs involved with installing artificial grass depends upon which grass you choose.

These days, artificial grass comes in various shades of green (you can also get blue, red, pink, in fact almost any colour you can think of!), various pile heights, pile density’s and the fibres can be manufactured from various differing types of plastic.

artificial grass type 1artificial grass type 2artificial grass type 3artificial grass type 4

Of course, these different characteristics, have a bearing on how much your artificial grass will cost.

As a NeoGrass Approved Installer, we highly recommend that you chose a product from their range of artificial grass.

But of course, we can install artificial grass from any manufacturer as the installation process is the same regardless.

To give you an idea of how much your artificial grass may cost, you can find out prices of the NeoGrass range of products here.



Will There Be Any Wastage?


Artificial grass comes in 2m and 4m widths as standard. Lengths can be anything up to 25m.

artificial grass rolls

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t be paying for any additional wastage.

In reality, I’d estimate that approximately 75% of our artificial grass installations involve a certain amount of wastage. How much wastage really depends upon your own circumstances.

Wherever possible, we always look for ways to reduce the amount of wastage.

For example, if your existing lawn measures 4.2m x 4.2m, the only way to cover this area would be to use 1 roll of 4m x 4.2m and further roll of 2m x 4.2m. But in this example, you’d be looking at over 7.5m2 of left over artificial grass. Far from ideal.

Of course, there are lots of useful things you can do with leftovers though, such as creating door mats, covering shed roofs or even the floor of your shed. But ideally, you’ll want to minimise wastage in order for your installation to be as cost effective as possible.

So, in this situation, the best course of action would be to try to reduce either the length or width of your lawn to 4m. This can be done in a variety of ways and sometimes it’s as simple as increasing an existing plant bed by just 0.2m.

But, depending on the layout of your garden, it’s not always possible to do this.

When pricing an artificial lawn installation, we’ll work out exactly how much artificial grass you’ll need and help you to reduce wastage. How much wastage you’ll end up with of course has a significant impact on the quotation.



How Good Is Access?


When installing your artificial lawn, we’ll need to excavate and dispose of the existing lawn, bring aggregates into your garden to form the sub base and laying course and finally carry in the rolls of fake turf.

Of course, the better we can access your garden, the quicker we can complete the installation, and the less labour cost you’d be faced with.

Best case, access wise, is a front garden or a back garden, that backs onto a road, where we can crane materials in and out of your garden to speed up the process.

Our delivery trucks are equipped with Hiab cranes that will comfortably crane materials over the majority of garden fence and walls, if the vehicle can get close enough.

terrace house

Worse case, would be a terraced house with no side or rear access to the back garden.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, rest assured the installation can still be carried out.

In this instance, we would put down protective sheets and boards to protect your flooring, but of course, it would increase the installation time.

How quickly we can complete the installation as a big impact on the cost.



What is Your Artificial Grass Replacing?


It is sometimes possible to install artificial grass on top of existing surfaces such as concrete, paving or even decking.

If this is the case, these types of installation are generally cheaper to carry out than replacing existing lawns.

That’s because there is minimal ground preparation involved.

Normally under these circumstances, we’d need to install a foam underlay to prevent any undulations from being visible through your artificial grass, such as the grooves of deck boards, but the cost of this is usually outweighed by the labour savings.

Therefore, the surface to which your artificial grass will be installed on, has a significant bearing on cost.



Will You Be Requiring a Foam Underlay?


Whilst on the subject of foam underlays, some of our clients decide that they want their artificial lawn to be soft and springy underfoot.

If this is the case, we highly recommend installing a form underlay.

foam underlay

Walking on a foam underlay will feel like walking on air and its also great for kids too as it will help to prevent injuries from trips or falls, especially if there are climbing frames or slides that your children could potentially fall from.

In some school applications, installing a foam underlay will ensure the artificial grass complies with the Head Impact Criteria.

Installing a foam underlay is certainly not essential in garden applications but of course, should you decide to use one, then it will impact the cost of the installation.



How Much Will We Need to Excavate from Your Garden?


With a typical installation, we excavate a minimum of 75mm below the finished height of your lawn.

In some instances, this may mean simply removing the existing turf and building up 75mm from there, as long as the levels in your garden allow it.

Other installations may require digging out more than 75mm and may even involve the use of a mini excavator to dig out the required earth.

A continually rising cost we face as landscapers, is waste disposal and of course, the more waste we have remove from your garden, the greater the cost in terms of labour and associated waste disposal costs.



Will There Be Any Joins?


Its is quite normal for your lawn to require more than one roll of artificial grass to cover the required area.

Joins aren’t an issue as a properly installed join will not weaken the strength of your lawn, won’t be lifted by dogs and won’t be visible.

Artificial Grass Grays in Essex - After 2

But if you do need joins, of course it also has an impact on price.

There will be additional labour costs, as joins take time to install and of course there’s additional material costs as you’ll need joining tape and adhesive to secure the join.



What is A Ballpark Figure?


Ok so now you know that the cost of having artificial grass installed can vary depending upon your own individual circumstances.

But to give you an idea on costs, lets look at an average artificial grass installation.

Let’s assume that it’s a back-garden lawn measuring 4m x 6m.

Access is via a standard size side gate and we are using the typical installation process and we are excavating 75mm from an existing lawn.

We’re also installing a mid-range, 30mm artificial grass.

For this particular installation, a rough estimate for the entire installation from start to finish may cost somewhere around £2,000, including VAT at 20% and waste disposal.

Of course, this figure is only a very rough estimate and the only way to give you an accurate price would be for us to conduct a site visit.

But it should give you an idea and help those of you considering having a fake lawn installed.





Artificial Turf in Great Leighs

If you are still at the early stages of considering whether or not to have artificial grass installed, then we hope you’ve found this article useful in helping you understand some of the costs involved and given you a rough guide figure to work with.

As we have mentioned several times in this article, the only way to get an accurate quotation is for us to visit your property and conduct a free site visit.

We cover the whole of Essex including Chelmsford, Wickford, Basildon, Brentwood, Romford, Braintree and Billericay.

So, if you live in any of these areas call us today on 01245 697 688 or contact us here and we’ll arrange for your free site visit and written quotation at a time that is convenient for you.

We’ll talk you through the installation process and show you samples and provide you with a no obligation quotation, so why not call us today?

If you have any questions, as always leave them below, we’d be glad to help!




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