Traditional Driveway Designed Makes A Welcoming First Impression


Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex


Marshalls Tegula Block Paving

Marshalls Drivesett Kerb,

Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Kerb

Montford Spear Top Iron Railings

R & A Precast Coping Stones

Plum Slate Chippings

Soft Landscaping

Key Statistics

121m3 of earth and hardcore excavated

52m3 of Type 1 imported

378m2 of weed membrane installed

348m2 of block paving laid

88m of kerb edgings laid

15m of concrete pin kerb edgings laid

26m of drainage installed

1.2m3 of concrete footings poured

1,446 bricks laid

11 pier caps installed

9 iron railings installed

4 brick lights installed

30m2 of slate chippings spread

The initial directive was to design an aesthetically pleasing front garden and driveway to increase the kerb appeal of the property.

Our design proposal included an in-out driveway for convenience, widening of the existing entrances and the installation of lighting to improve accessibility.

Marshalls Tegula block paving was selected for its traditional tumbled appearance – providing the perfect match for this property. We employed a mix of two different colours – Traditional and Harvest for a natural effect.

To retain the soft landscaped areas, we included complementary Drivesett Kerbs. And to minimise maintenance, we implemented low-maintenance structured planting and Plum slate to restrict weed growth.

As the property is situated on a narrow road, passing vehicles often drive across the front edge of the property, churning up the grass in the process. The design solution was to install Marshalls Tegula Kerbs along the front perimeter. This high kerb serves as a deterrent to motorists while also complementing and enhancing the appearance of the driveway.

A decorative brick wall – complete with iron railings and bath stone coping stones – was constructed to add visual impact.

The result was a big transformation that has injected some serious kerb appeal into this property.

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