Small Garden Designed for Relaxation


Chelmsford, Essex


Lower Barn Farm Porcelain Paving

Timber Gazebo

20mm Ice Blue Aggregate

Key Statistics

5.44m3 of earth and hardcore excavated

3.4m3 of Type 1 imported

0.68m3 of concrete poured

34m2 of porcelain laid

0.6m3 of aggregate spread

1 gazebo installed

The objective of this project was to design and construct a low-maintenance garden that would serve as a space for relaxation.

The design would need to incorporate a hub tub and seating area.

The proposal included the creation of a secluded outdoor seating space, complete with a concrete foundation to support the hot tub. A luxury timber gazebo was selected to create a beautiful outdoor space that could be used all year round.

Porcelain was chosen for its low-maintenance nature. A dark grey colour was chosen to complement the patio doors and fence panels. The main patio was installed at the same level as the threshold, providing a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Subtle sleeper raised beds were incorporated to provide easy-to-maintain planting options. Steppingstones – surrounded by 20mm Blue Ice – were used to form a convenient walkway leading to the garage.

The result of this project is a small garden that has now become and extension of the home, providing a serene outdoor space perfect for relaxation.

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