An Unusable Slope Transformed into a Breathtaking Sunken Seating Area


Edney Common, Essex


Quartzite Greece Porcelain, Anthracite Porcelain and Planting.

Key Statistics

22m3 of earth excavated

616 concrete blocks laid

41m2 of porcelain laid

3.5m3 of concrete poured

1.5m3 of topsoil imported

In this transformation, our client required a luxury seating area to entertain guests and increase their usable garden space.

With space at a premium, coupled with a sloping site, this project posed a significant design challenge. A challenge that was duly accepted!

Our solution was to cut into the sloping ground and carefully craft a bespoke sunken seating area, complete with built-in firepit.

Over 600 concrete blocks were carefully laid to form the retaining walls and seating platform.

The intricate nature of this project meant that almost every single one of the 76 paving slabs had to be precisely cut on-site by our talented build team.

Contrasting colours of paving were chosen to enhance the overall effect, with breathtaking results.

Drainage was managed using a carefully concealed drain connected to an underground soakaway.

As a finishing touch, subtle, low-maintenance planting was incorporated to counteract the hardscaped features.

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