Resin Bound Gravel or Resin Bonded Gravel? What’s the difference?

Resin Bound Gravel or Resin Bonded Gravel? What’s the difference?


Resin bound driveway installation essex

Resin bound gravel is becoming an increasingly popular way to pave driveways, paths and patios throughout Essex.

There are many reasons why its popularity is increasing at such a fast rate.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, resin bound driveways, paths and patios are completely permeable systems that comply with the government SUDS regulations.

It’s also very hard-wearing and requires very little in the way of maintenance for homeowners.

But many people, understandably, get confused between resin bound and resin bonded gravel, which would probably have something to do with the names being very similar.

But both forms of resin gravel are actually quite different.

In this article, we’re going to be exploring some of the differences between the resin bound and resin bonded gravel and tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each



What is Resin Bonded Gravel?


Installing resin bonded gravel, involves applying a thin layer of resin directly to an existing surface, such as concrete or asphalt, and then applying a ‘scatter coat’ of gravel to the adhesive.

The excess gravel is then swept off the surface after the resin has cured.

The typical depth of the finished surface will be the diameter of the stone used, as only a single stone will bond to the surface.

Because of this, resin ‘bonded’ gravel is a far weaker system than resin ‘bound’ gravel as the gravel hasn’t ‘bound’ together but rather just one side of the stone is ‘bonded’ to the existing surface.

We don’t recommend that you use a resin bonded system for your patio, path or driveway in Essex as it doesn’t provide a long-lasting finish.


Advantages of Resin Bonded Gravel                      

  • Cheap to install


Disadvantages of Resin Bonded Gravel

  • Low strength
  • Non-permeable (non-SUDS compliant)
  • Non-UV stabilised
  • Stone will become loose




What is Resin Bound Gravel?


Resin Bound Path Essex

Resin bound gravel is the far superior installation method.

It involves mixing the resin directly with the stone and then applying a layer between 12mm and 24mm depending upon the gravel used and the application.

This way every stone is fully coated in resin and as the resin cures, the gravel ‘binds’ together to form a solid layer that still allows water to drain through the surface.

We highly recommend using this to system to form your driveway or path in Essex as it will provide a far stronger, far longer lasting finish than.

The only downside of using this form of resin paving is the additional cost.

It takes us longer to install a resin bound system as each bag of gravel has to be run through a forced action mixer, in small batches, before being hand trowelled onto the required surface.

It also costlier as we’ll need to use greater quantities of gravel and resin.

But the additional cost is certainly worth the better, stronger, permeable finish that a resin bound system gives you.


Advantages of Resin Bonded Gravel      

  • High strength
  • Permeable (SUDS compliant)
  • UV stabilised
  • Stone will not become loose


Disadvantages of Resin Bonded Gravel

  • More expensive to install than resin bonded gravel





Patio in Danbury Essex - After 8

Although the names suggest that both resin bonded and resin bound systems are very similar, the reality is that each method produces very different results.

For the best finish in both terms of aesthetics and performance, resin bound wins every time.

Yes, it is more expensive but the additional expensive will prove to be a wise investment.

The fact that its fully SUDS complaint is an added bonus and it can save on linear drains and soakaway systems that usually need to be installed with other types of paving systems such as block paving.

If you’d like a free quotation for a resin bound driveway or path in Essex, then call us today on 01245 931200. We’d be happy to visit your property to discuss your requirements, show you some sample of our resin paving system and provide you with a free no obligation quote.

You can also arrange a quote by completing the contact form here.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.



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