Construction Process – Laying Block Paving

Quotation & Design

Upon making contact with South East Landscape Construction Ltd we will arrange for a convenient time that suits you to conduct a full site survey of the existing driveway and surrounding grounds.

Our design team will then produce a professional 3D design of your driveway completely free of charge

Each block paved driveway we construct is custom designed and individually tailored to enhance your home surroundings. We can also incorporate garden walls, flower beds and other features to make your driveway look unique.

A full written no obligation quotation and works schedule will be provided. Upon approval we will book a suitable time slot for work to begin at time that is most convenient for you


The first stage of the construction process is to carefully remove the existing driveway and excavate to a minimum depth of 250mm.

Excavated materials are disposed of in a manner conforming to statutory regulations

Installation of geo-textile membrane

A geo-textile membrane is employed to stabilise the ground and prevent the contamination of the existing sub-grade and the newly installed sub-base. This is achieved whilst also allowing water to flow freely into the ground

Installation of sub-base

A sub-base consisting of granular material Type 1 is installed to a minimum depth of 150mm. Layers of no more than 75mm are individually laid, compacted and levelled to ensure proper compaction of the sub-base and to comply with BS7533 British Standards to meeting the strict requirements for the structural design for heavy duty pavements

For large areas or where heavy vehicular access is required a vibrating roller is used to ensure the sub base is very well compacted

Installation of edge restraint

Edge restraints act as a frame for your driveway and are set in concrete to prevent the blocks from any lateral movement or the rotation of the blocks under load. The edge restraint also serves the purpose of restricting the loss of the laying course and sub-base materials at the boundary

Installation of drainage channels

To ensure that your driveway complies with the latest SUDS (sustainable drainage system) legislation, linear drainage systems and/or soakaways may need to be installed depending upon the individual circumstances. This will provide effective management of surface water run-off

Installation of new manhole covers

Existing manholes are replaced with galvanised recessed manhole covers and the block paving is installed inside to continue the pattern of the surrounding paving. This will help to prevent manholes, inspection chambers and access fittings from being visible.

Installation of laying course

The laying course material will consist of 50mm of well-graded grit sand to comply with the grading given in BS7533:Part 3:2005. The laying course is compact and screeded to create a smooth, even and flowing surface on which to lay the blocks

Installation of paving

The block paving will be carefully laid and aligned in your chosen pattern and colour. The driveway will have a finished height of 150mm below the damp proof course level of your home with a fall of approximately 1:60 to ensure that surface water run-off is effectively managed. The final blocks will be measured and cut to ensure an immaculate finish

Final Compaction and Application of Kiln Dried Jointing Sand

Once all the cutting-in has been completed, and the compliance checks carried out, a fine dry sand, known as Kiln Dried Sand is used to fill the joints. The blocks are then compacted using a vibration plate to finish the surface.

The jointing sand may settle over the first few weeks and should be topped up as soon as this becomes apparent. A supply of jointing sand will be supplied for your convenience.

The site will be left clean and tidy and your new driveway can be used immediately.

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