Things to Consider When Planning a Lawn

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When planning a lawn there are several considerations that should be taken into account before any work begins. Lawns can be neat and crisp, and grown solely for its lush green appearance, or you may prefer a less than perfect lawn which could be used for children to play on. Types of lawn depend upon the your lifestyle and the size and layout of the garden.


Choosing the Right Type of Grass

There are two main groups of grass to choose from:
• Tussock-forming grasses (which grow into a clump, but do not spread very much)
• Creeping grasses, which spread


Choosing the Shape of the Grass

Simple lawn shapes, such as circles, squares or rectangles, have more visual impact in a small or medium sized garden than too many fussy edges. Long, narrow lawns will draw the eye along the length of the lawn and this can be used to highlight a feature at the far end of the lawn.
Shapes and positioning of the lawn should be carefully planned so that all areas of the lawn receive sunlight at some point during the day. Lawns should not be planted next to buildings as the turf will not receive as much water as the rest of the lawn


Choosing Garden Edging

Edges can help to create a border to the lawns, paths, driveways and garden beds. Curved edges create a more relaxed effect as opposed to straight edges which a create a formal effect. A well defined border with strong lines creates a definite boundary within a garden.
Edges can be created using a variety of materials including timber, brick and concrete. Edging a lawn can help with mowing because the mower can be pushed over the edge of the lawn.


Lawn Drainage

Totally flat lawns don’t drain well and the grass growth is poor (particularly in heavier soils). If soil isn’t sandy, sub-surface drainage is necessary for a quality lawn.


Levelling and Preparing the Site

Flat ground will produce the most uniform sward, so it is well worth taking the time to level the ground thoroughly at the start. The ground for a lawn should be flat but not necessarily level; a slight incline or slope on a lawn is acceptable and often an attractive feature.



If you have little time to maintain a lawn, then a synthetic grass would be a good option as it does not require any maintenance and will still look just as effective.



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