What is Peat?

What is peat?


Peat contains humus-forming substances, and is partly pure humus formed in peat bogs where it lays compressed, away from the air, storing up all its beneficial qualities. For garden use, peat is subjected to various processes of preparation and is sold with or without additives. Moss peat consists mainly of sphagnum moss and is great at retaining moisture in your soil. Sedge peats are formed from the remains of reeds and sedges and are usually darker in colour as they are more thoroughly decayed.


Because it’s great at holding moisture, peat has a very positive affect on the soil in your garden. However, peat doesn’t actually contain any plant nutrients but because of its humus content and its slightly acidic nature, its great for improving soil quality. When planting, it’s a good idea to use peat to cover depressions in the ground where water collects around a plant. Of course, its also very affective when used as a mulch but must be kept moist, otherwise it will dry out and will become difficult to moisten thoroughly again, defeating the point of using peat.



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