Why Drainage is Important for Paving

Linear Drainage System


Many contractors don’t make provisions for driveway drainage; which in some cases is in fact breaking the law. There are many reasons why surface water should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The main one being that wet pavement can be dangerous and can therefore cause injury to your family or any visitors that visit your home. During winter, the surface water will freeze, increasing the likelihood of injury. There’s also the chance of damp finding its way into your home or a flooded garage.

As well as the damage it can cause to your property and the obvious safety issues, poor drainage can also compromise the integrity of the paving itself . Block paving is bedded on a layer of sand and if the sand becomes saturated its possible that it can cause subsidence.

Since 1st October 2008, it has been a legal requirement for homeowners to seek planning permission if they want to pave their front gardens using impermeable paving that doesn’t control runoff of rainwater onto roads. This is due to the belief that surface water runoff caused by paving can contribute to flooding and pollution of water courses. Of course, planning permission is only required if you are not taking measures to control surface water. A competent contractor will be installing suitable drainage systems and soakaways; meaning you will not need to apply for planning permission.

To find out more about planning permission for block paving click here

To ensure your paving is safe, legal and long lasting be sure to choose a competent contractor to carry out your paving.


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